Welcome to our website devoted to Ham Radio and Lighthouses.

There is a strong following of lighthouse enthusiasts around the world and amateur radio makes for an interesting connection.

Purpose of activities:

i. This event is not a contest, there are no prizes or any other enticements to participate and is therefore free of charge.

ii. To promote public awareness of ham radio and lighthouses in Malaysia.

iii. To acknowledge the contribution and recognition of the lighthouses and their keepers.

iv. To foster fellowship among members of the various Ham Radio clubs and Lighthouse Societies in Malaysia.

v. To gain experience for DX-peditions for the Ham Radio operators and to promote “exotic” Malaysia among International DXCC chasers or seekers.

vi. Pilot project proposed, as a future yearly event on the 2nd weekend of August and to be inserted in the Tourism Malaysia Calendar of the year.
vii. Since the 2nd weekend of August every year, coincides with the “Asia Pacific JOTA”, this ILLW event is extended to all Boy Scouts and Girl Guides via BP House Malaysia, to join in the fun at the light houses or contact the light houses via Ham Radio.


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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 1 - MLHW 2009 - 9M4LHC (Part 2)

Pada pagi tu sudah mula kedengaran station-station DX mula memanggil CQ di 20m band. Cukup baik cuaca pada masa itu namun demikian menjelang tengah hari agak begitu panas sekali cuaca menjangkau 30 degree C.

Sesi mengatur strategi untuk memulakan DXing. Ada yang kata sini dan ada yang kata situ hehehehe.
Keadaan di perkarangan Rumah Api sambil-sambil 9W2USS dan 9W2WWW mengejas-ejas antenna 2m.

CQ Lighthouse, CQ Lighthouse this is Nine Mike Four Light House Charlie. Hello Good Morning California...... (dari kiri 9W2WWW & 9W2MWI)